Our Solutions and Services

Light APPs Suite is a suite of application software developed to cater for diverse needs of institutions operating in various environments. Light APPs Suite consists of the following set of integrated modules:

  • Light Financials (Account Receivables, Accounts Payables, General Ledger)
  • Light Human Resources Management (Core HR, Payroll)
  • Light Supply Chain (Inventory, Purchasing)
  • Light SACCO (BOSA, FOSA)
  • Light Insurance Processing Suite (LIPS) with the following systems
    • Light General Business
    • Light Individual Life
    • Light Group Life and Pensions
    • Light Medical

General Features of the Light APPs Suite

  • Platform independence: Can run on UNIX, Linux or Windows Operating systems
  • Web Enabled
    • Users connect to the system in a website fashion,  making it easy to deploy on WAN or Internet
  • Centralized Setups
    The Masters (Set Up) maintains:

    • General information about the company, addresses, branches, departments, cost centers, logo
    • Currency exchange rate maintenance
    • Predefined database of all banks and respective branches approved by Bankers Association
    • Details of service providers (Institutions) and their sub account codes linked to E-Financials
    • System User credentials, access levels and approval limits
  • Multicurrency, Multi Company, Multi Branch
    • Accepts the setup of other foreign currencies and the maintenance of exchange rates from time to time. All monetary transactions maintain both local and foreign currency fields.
    • Can be centrally installed to maintain data for more than one company at a time.
    • Users in different branches can access, create and maintain records, and print reports pertaining to their branches.
  • Security
    • Access to particular menus, screens, branches, and roles is controlled by access rights granted to User groups. A separate controlled menu exists for online self service by members of staff.
    • Keeps audit trail of transactions raised and modified by Users on different dates
    • Backup and Restoration Utilities
  • Superior, affordable tools:
    • System designed using Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Oracle Database, PHP, MySQL tools
    • Where client’s data is not so massive, the system comes with a free database (Oracle 10g express)
  • Integration and Data Interchange:
    • Data sharing is enhanced amongst the various systems. Data is entered only once, concurrently updating other relevant modules.
    • Supports export and import of data with various common applications like Ms Word & Excel.

Features of Light SACCO

  • Products: Maintenance of different share types
  • Members: Registration, Activation and deactivation of accounts, Creation and Maintenance of Member Subsidiary Ledger Accounts in Light E-Financials. Maintenance of Member share Contribution types and Loan types
  • Withdrawals: Member withdrawal and Refund Management
  • Loans: Set up of Loan Types and Interest Types and percentages, Member Loan Application, specification of collaterals and Guarantors, Authorization and Disbursement, Generation and Maintenance of Loan Repayment Schedule.
  • Repayments: Generation of Deduction advice to employers, capturing of Member Share Contribution and Loan Repayments, posting to various Accounts in the GL and Subsidiaries
  • Reports: Member Share Contribution Statements, Loan Repayment Statements, and various analytical and accounting reports
  • Seamless integration to Light Apps Suite