Light APPs Suite

The following are the solutions of Light Apps Suite:

    1. Light Financial
      1. General Ledger
      2. Account Payable
      3. Account Receivable
      4. Cash Management
      5. Fixed Assets
      6. Budget
    2. Light HR Management
      1. HR Core
      2. HR Self Service
      3. Payroll
      4. Irecruitment
    3. Light Order Management
      1. Order-to-Cash (O2C)
      2. Order Products and Services
      3. Shipping
      4. Timely fulfillments
      5. Sales Credits
    4. Light Purchasing
      1. Procure-to-Pay (P2P)
      2. Purchasing
      3. Purchase Requisitions
      4. Purchasing Orders
      5. GRN Receiving
    5. Light Inventory
      1. Material Transactions
      2. Stock Inventory
      3. OnHand
      4. Pricing
      5. Cost Management


Light Financials

Drive profitable growth and ensure compliance – with our finance and accounting ERP application.

Streamline and automate your entire financial operation while complying with regulatory requirements.

Streamline your core finance operations and capture new growth opportunities. SAP ERP integrates key financial and accounting processes – making it easier to manage spend, resources, and financial reporting requirements.


  • Multichannel access to core finance information
  • Integrated key financial and accounting processes
  • Complete integration with existing SAP software


Light Order Management – Order-to-cash

Achieve tight order management by optimising your order-to-cash processes with Light APPs Suite.

Support customer-focused processes – from product sales to service delivery to warranty claims and returns.

Boost sales, margins, and customer satisfaction. With the order-to-cash functionality of Light APPs Suite, you can automate and accelerate the entire order-to-cash process – from order management and product fulfilment to accounts receivable.


  • Support for end-to-end sales activities
  • Real-time, multichannel information on pricing, products, customers, and contracts
  • Automated billing


Light Purchasing – Procure-to-pay

Maximise cost savings across procurement with improved procure-to-pay processes and data.

Drive down business costs by providing end-to-end support of your procurement and logistics processes.

Manage your purchase orders more efficiently and find new ways to save money. With our centralised ERP software, you can realise your full purchasing power, negotiate better contracts, and more.


  • Integrated procurement and resource planning
  • Unified sourcing and contract management
  • Increased transparency across end-to-end outbound logistics